Web request from Green Hill Publishing.

Grant access via GoDaddy to david@greenhillpublishing.com.au or hosting@souzahub.com.au using this instructions here
Gant technical access to the ID M6734161 via the CrazyDomain webpage, using the instructions here.
Catch all email will forward e-mails to client's existing e-mail account
Catch all e-mail account author@yourdomainname.com.au will be setup.
Aditional email accounts can be added via the cPanel to allow sending e-mails from other than author@yourdomainname.com.au
E-mails can be used via the webmail (domain.com/webmail) or setup to be used via the author's email client of choice.


Web Development
Between 3 to 6 Business days for standard author's websites (or less). Websites with extra features and custom made functions/sections may take longer.
Please inquire on costs for website's extra features and customizations.

Web Deployment
Between 1 to 2 business day(s).
Can take longer when no access given to the domain registrar.

Web Hosting
Up to 1 business day